Hotel plants — ZZ plants at Embassy Suites La Jolla

We specialize in creating living works of art with spectacular modern planters and exotic plant varieties. Our award-winning commercial plantscapes are customized to suit each unique space and meet each client’s specific corporate needs. If you are looking for an office plant service to provide more than just a “plant in a pot”, you’ve come to the right place! 

We design custom interior plantscapes for businesses of all kinds, enlivening the workplace and cleaning the air. In addition to containerized plants, we provide lush living walls, luxurious live floral arrangements, and creative patio plantscapes to add that special finishing touch to your space.

If you are tired of cookie-cutter designs and splash-and-dash service, join our list of delighted clients who enjoy our boutique level of design and maintenance. We provide plantscapes for hotels, corporate headquarters, Class-A office buildings, medical facilities, showrooms, and more. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation.

For designers, let us make your job easier.  No more need to haul heavy plants and planters around; we’ll take care of everything for you. No more plants failing because they weren’t suited to the lighting conditions; we take the guesswork out of plant selection for you. And, yes, we offer a courtesy to the trade.


Our Guarantee

You can rest assured that your new plants will always look beautiful; we take light readings in each location to ensure your plants thrive. Our worry-free guarantee states that if any foliage plant should start to decline, we will replace it promptly at no additional charge.

If you already have office plants and are just not satisfied with your current service, or have been struggling to care for them yourself, please call us for a free consultation. Let us bring your plant service to the next level with our creativity and attention to detail. We promise you’ll be happy you made the change!



We are active members of the San Diego Green Building Council and always looking for ways to make your plantscape even “greener”. This includes sourcing planters made of recycled or non-toxic materials, and using “subirrigation” technologies to conserve our precious water resources. We care about the health and well-being of your employees and customers, so we only use safe, organic methods of pest control and plant cleaning.



Luxe penthouse lounge for a downtown San Diego tech start-up


Health Benefits of Commercial Plantscapes

Studies show that plants in the workplace result in happier, more productive employees with fewer sick days.  A NASA study found that office plants do more than remove Carbon dioxide and produce Oxygen; they also remove toxins emitted into the air from furnishings, carpets, and paints.

Plants have also been shown to reduce recovery time in hospitals, improve student concentration, and reduce stress and depression. In retail environments, indoor plantscapes make shoppers want to stay longer and spend more.

For more about the extensive benefits of indoor plants, please visit Green Plants for Green Buildings at





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